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The Effects Of Birth Order On Personality

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Only Children

Only children are often referred to as "First Borns in Triplicate", this is due to the fact that these children are extreme versions of first born children. Onlies, as they are affectionately called, tend to be an extrememist in all aspects of life.

Only Traits
  • Mature faster
  • Get along well with older people
  • Responisible
  • Self-Centered
  • Perfectionists
  • Attention seekers
  • Use adult language
  • Prefer adult company
  • Have difficulty sharing

Only children are special type of birth order, in the sense that they are capable of being any of the three "main" types of birth order. However, most of these only children do possess characteristics commonly associated with the aggressive first born child.

Illustration: In the schoolyard

Strengths V.S. Weaknesses

Trust their own opinion, prompt, ambitious, enterprising, energetic, set goals, good problem solvers, and ambitious.
Self-Centered, fearful of trying new things, criticize themselves and others, worry too much, feel they are always right, inflexible, and too busy to see the big picture.
Choose careers similar to those of first born children such as: law, medicine, and architecture. Like black and white concepts and often prefer to work alone or be the boss, which accounts for their success.
Do not like to be told what to do, often stray from team work situations, or take too much of the responsibility. May not respond well to criticisism, and therefore may not improve on areas that are flawed.

Fun Facts
  • Famous only children include: Nancy Reagan, Chelsea Clinton, Carol Burnett, and Ted Koppel

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