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The Effects Of Birth Order On Personality

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Twins can be any one of the three 'main' birth order types, therefore it is nearly impossible to describe them. However, what can be detected is which of the two children is the leader.

Common Leader Traits
  • Resemble first borns
  • Aggressive
  • Loud
  • Outspoken
  • Opinionated
  • Intolerant

Common Follower Traits

  • Resemble shy middle child
  • Shy
  • Loner
  • Quiet
  • Blend into the background
  • Undefiant

Young girls dressed up for Easter
Twins are often viewed as a set, instead of as individuals.

Advantages V.S. Disadvantages

Have a constant companion, someone who understands you, have a connection with someone, confident, multi-taskers, driven, want to stand out.
Identity crisis, may not feel unique, hid behind twin's shadow or shadowed over twin, not a lot of privacy, feel invaded.
Twice the connections, twice the references, someone to bounce ideas off of, two minds instead of one, often choose careers different than their twin, want to be an individual, feel they need to stand out therefore they go above and beyond.
May be lost without twin, may not take well to being alone, if the leader of the two, he/she may try to overshadow others as he/she did with their twin, if the follower of the two, he/she may look for another person to be their "mother hen".

Fun Facts
  • Famous Twins: The Olsen Twins, The Coors Twins
  • Often have identity issues
  • May share their face, DNA, or both
  • Either Identical or Fraternal twins (Identical: look alike, DNA is different, Fraternal: often do not look alike, DNA is the same (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are actually fraternal twins, although they seem to share the same face))

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